Efficiency Relationship Campaigns Retention
PiggyAffiliate.com is stuffed with the stats you need as a partner. The stats on the different campaigns we offer, are updated live and accurate, which gives you a constant insight on how your promotions are performing.

This means that you can spend your time optimizing your promotions, while we will take care of your stats and giving you the best insight at all times.
With our 24/7 e-mail, skype and telephone support you will always be able to get any banners, links, texts and more, that you need.

Don't hesitate to contact your local affiliate manager with any needs or questions you might have.
At PiggyAffiliate.com you will be guaranteed a wide range of campaigns for you to promote on your channels. As all our campaigns are made within our own doors, you should always feel free to contact us with suggestions and possible changes, you might have.

Our mission is for you as a partner, to get the most out of promoting our campaigns.
When creating players through PiggyAffiliate.com, you always know that deposits and revenue will follow. We work hard on having a thing to say on the retention setup for the different campaigns.

This means that we have high conversion rates, because the players you deliver are never left alone.